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NP Paklenica

TZO Starigrad

We are located in Starigrad Paklenica, 45 km northwest of Zadar.
This location was first mentioned in Roman times, as Argyruntum. Argyruntum is a sunken city, but there is still evidence of its former existence, i.e. various glass jars, coins, and terracotta objects, preserved at the Archeological Museum of Zadar. In present day, Starigrad is the center of the Paklenica Riviera, stretching for some 20 km along the foot of the largest Croatian mountain, Velebit.

For all those who love the sea and the mountains, vacation in Starigrad will be an experience they will never forget. The crystal clear sea, miles of pebbled beaches, mountain peaks, bicycle lanes, tennis courts, mountaineering trips and remnants of ancient times will make your summer one to remember.


Five of the eight Croatian national parks are located in the immediate vicinity:
NP Krka, NP Plitvička jezera, NP Sjeverni Velebit, NP Kornati, and the town itself hosts the entrance to the NP Paklenica and the glorious canyon of the Velika Paklenica River (2.5 km from our location), as well as the most important climbing center in Croatia, a paradise for mountaineers, climbers and hikers.




Our location:

  • 1200 m from the town center
  • 1700 m from the post office
  • 2100 m from the bank
  • 2300 m from the healthcare clinic
  • 500 m from a restaurant
  • 150 m from the beach
  • 2400 m from the pharmacy
  • 2400 m from the gas station
  • 1700 m from the church

We are only 45 km from the ancient city of Zadar, brimming with historical and cultural sites, three thousand years old, a city with a long and tumultous history, sacked, destroyed and devastated many times over, always rising from the ruins richer and more beautiful. In the beginning of the 9th century Zadar is mentioned as the seat of the bishop Donatus. It is in this period that the Church of the Holy Trinity was erected in the Roman forum. Today it is known as the Church of St. Donatus, and is a landmark of Zadar.  

Since the construction of the new motorway, only two hours separate us from the most important Croatian cities – Zagreb, Rijeka and Split.
We are 50 km from the Zemunik airport, and 15 km from the motorway exit.


Did you know...


1. that the UNESCO has listed the Velebit mountain as one of the international biosphere reservations


2. that the modern day Starigrad is a continuation of the ancient city of Argyruntum


3. that the Paklenica National Park (as well as the nearby localities of Velebit, Zrmanja river, NP Plitvička jezera, NP Krka etc.) was used for filming the legendary movies about Winnetou


4. that the Večka tower, located at the very tip of the cape that is the Starigrad beach of Kulina, was the court of King Pasoglav